Friday, April 17, 2009

Recent Funny Times cartoon ( NYer Reject )

Here is another cartoon that belongs in the New Yorker magazine, ask anybody . . ( Except the people at The New Yorker, of course ! )

If you ask any of the cartoonists that DO sell there . . ask them why THEY think some of these cartoons weren't bought by The New Yorker ( Which I HAVE indeed asked some of the guys . . ) they come up with something like " Gee, I Dunno ! "

I hope none of these guys ever become the cartoon editor there because THEY DON'T KNOW . . . I really believe them . . . THEY DON'T KNOW . . THEY ACTUALLY DON'T KNOW WHAT CARTOONS TO PICK . . NOBODY KNOWS . . . and the ones that DO know aren't talking. Or are talking and NOBODY understands.

Reminds me of the ZEN parable: " Those who don't know are talking . . and those who know aren't speaking. "

Man, what a way to make a living ! I wouldn't trade it for Tim Geithner's job. ( I could never qualify for a position in the new cabinet . . I paid my taxes ! )


Mike Lynch said...

I just read your cartoon this morning when I received the new Funny Times in my mail. Just a wonderful gag line and, yeah, another one that deserved to be seen in the pages of The New Yorker.

Roy Delgado said...

Thank you, Mike - -
I also am positive that much of YOUR "good stuff" AND DAN REYNOLDS AND MASEAR and I could mention another 6 or 7 consistently selling artists that CONSISTENTLY PRODUCE work that The New Yorker readers are getting screwed because they have to look at some of the KRAPP they buy INSTEAD of some of the really better stuff that is out there ! I know it, You know it, Everybody knows it. EVERYBODY KNOWS IT, fer CRYSAKES ! Seriously, What would SATAN Do ?