Sunday, April 12, 2009

Pat Byrnes gets bent out of shape

This letter appeared in the September issue, 2005 of The Gag ReCap Trade Journal in the Reader Mail column:
I was amazed that a collegue ( I guess I could call him that ) would choose this type of sophomoric comment, which really either was made ( 1. ) before he thought it out well, ( 2. ) Did think it out and doesn't give a s--t what anybody thinks and stands by it or (3.) is proud of it.

In either case, you reap what sow, Pat.

It kind of reminds you of Chicago politics, doesn't it ?

At first, I thought it was kind of funny, in a sad sort of way. Now it is sad. And embarassing to the profession of cartooning.

A wise man once said the best way to get even is to LIVE BETTER. And that is what I've determined to do.

It is a truism that it is not unusual that many times negative mean-spirited criticism like this can motivate and catapault one's career in a positive way, exactly the opposite way the infantile mind who is spouting the negativity intended the victim to do.

This letter has helped my career and given me more enthusism to start my day every morning. NEVER tell somebody they CAN'T do something. There are endless stories of people that were told they couldn't do something and went on to do it. ENDLESS stories.

This letter is has been photographically blown up to a 3 ft. high poster mounted on foamcore and hangs next to my drawing board.

THANK YOU PAT ! Any more ?

Since this letter was published in the Gag ReCap , Not ONE letter agreed with him and at least three letters supported me in newer issues, plus TWO famous cartoonists called me on the phone to support me, saying the gentleman from Chicago was out of line and had gotten personal . . the other world-famous cartoonist said " WHO THE HELL DOES HE THINK HE IS ? "


Score: HOME ( Seniors ) 5 VISITORS ( Sophomores ) 0

I think it would be wise for every go-getter to remember Jimmy Durante's famous quotation: " You better be nice to 'em on your way up, 'cause you're gonna meet 'em all comin' down ! "

What would Satan Do ? Funny you should ask.

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