Tuesday, March 17, 2009

New Yorker Cartoon Satire

Of course this is just satire . Some names were changed to protect the innocent. I thought that after over 19,000 cartoons of mine were
rejected by the NYer that a scenario like this IS possible - - in fact, None of us are positive that this could NOT happen ). I dreamed ( or is it dreampt ? ) it first, I woke up laughing, made a note, drew it up, sent it to THE GAG RECAP, He thought it was funny ( and used it for a cover ) and so did a lot of people - via published letters in the GAG RECAP and I received 2 phone calls from prominent nationally known cartoonists and gagwriters . Everyone liked it, but like they say in The Marine Corps, There is always that 10% , the malcontents, The Bitcher. , the guy who is out of step,the guy who has to chime in with something negative, the guy who doesn't get it, the one who can always find something wrong instead of looking for what is right . . The real problem with this type of person is looking at him when he looks in the mirror. All except one person liked it - - - Except the loon who said: " Roy Delgado will never sell the NYer, because he's not smart enough. " Giving the reason that I was ridiculing or offending someone. Man, lighten up. What business are we in? Someone should tell Funny Times or Doonesbury or Boondocks to knock it off ! The HELL with freedom of the press ! Don't criticize.

Look, I'm only the messenger. ( NEVER say NEVER )

Only fools are positive - - are you sure ?
Anybody see " First Blood " ? ( Never bring a knife to a gun fight. )

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