Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Yorker Cartoon Satire ( Should be, but probably won't )

I don't see anything wrong or inappropriate if The New Yorker Magazine published a cartoon like this. In fact - I think it would help THEM in showing and proving that they DO have a healthy sense of humor to the point that they ARE able to laugh at themselves. Socrates warned us about taking this life down here too serious - - This place where we're at - this little place - - which is only about space and time . . tables and chairs . . know your domain of your ignorance . . . I say, lighten up, don't take yourselves too seriously . . but, indeed, take your WORK seriously.

I wonder if Mankoff reads this blog ? Wouldn't it be something if HE BOUGHT this cartoon and DID publish it?

Sometimes I find it extremely difficult to be humble . . .

I'm one of those guys who says: " I TOLD YOU SO ! "

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