Sunday, March 22, 2009

Masear Gag ReCap Cover

Thi drawing appeared as a cover for The Gag ReCap ( A Cartoonists and Gagwriters Trade Journal ). I was poking a little fun at some of Masear's big -nosed characters, which I really like. I think his gags are up there with the best gagwriters in the country. Why The New Yorker has not discovered him escapes me. According to Bob Mankoff's own words of what he is looking for, he is actually describing Masear's work. Original, funny, clever, outrageous, new, different. I think he's funny.

Masear called me on the phone and came to my defense in the cheap shot I received from a not too bright person who said " Roy Delgado will never sell The New Yorker because he's not smart enough. "

A little bit of good advice is from Jimmy Durante when he advised us . . . You better be nice to them on your way up because you're going to meet them all coming down. "

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