Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cartoon of the day

Now it's okay to do a urinal gag. Dan Beyer had a hilarious one in The New Yorker. His first sale there. He's one of the new talented guys in this business . . I envy him, he started at the top . . . where a lot of dumb guys like myself started at the bottom and still have not had a taste of the NYer, and possibly, but I doubt it, will not ever. Pat Byrnes said I'm not smart enough to sell the NYer . I think Pat Byrnes is not smart, period . . or he wouldn't say something like he said - - - like one long time New Yorker cartoonist told me: " Who the hell does he think HE is ? " Giving it some thought, I think Pat Byrnes is not smart enough, or talented enough to critique a collegue who has achieved twice as much as he has, and has graduated from drawing with a soft firstgrader's pencil. Once you have mastered pen and ink, ink and wash, watercoler, conte crayon, watercolers, charcoal - - - THEN and only THEN can you show your stuff with a basic implement like a pencil. A la Robert Weber, Modell, Mort Gerberg, Interlandi, Reilly and Da Vinci and Rembrandt, and Picasso, etc. etc.
To do otherwise you look like a karaoke singer in the finals at American Idol.

" The NERVE of some people's children. " - - one of my grandmother's favorite sayings.

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