Friday, March 6, 2009

Cartoon of the day

Occasionaly, from time to time, my memory drifts back
to when I spent four years in the Marines. So whenever I decide to draw a military cartoon I always use a marine setting - - as those four years are imbedded in my mind forever - - - While stationed on Okinawa, once they found out I was a signpainter in civilian life, I always had a list of signs to paint for the captain, or the colonel - - or the general !
In fact, it came in so handy - - I never had to spend one day doing mess duty - - every time a sergeant asked if I've had mess duty yet, I would say no, followed by a " Right now I can't, I'm working on a sign for the colonel and he has to have it by Friday ! " ( which was usually true )
This always worked for a couple weeks - - then again, I'd go through the whole routine - - then I'd go through the whole routine AGAIN - - - And again, and again, and again! Luckily, I never did one day of mess duty in four years.

In the military, this type of a person is known
as a " GOLDBRICK ". ( A negative term usually referring to a lazy person, or a person who gets out of a work detail with a phony excuse . . it is called "MALINGERING " - - which is a chargable offense under the Uniform Code of Military Justice, and punishable by something like three months in the brig.
Of course, from the OFFENDER'S point of view, he thinks he's shrewed or slick or smart ( actually, it's more like " Young & Dumb " ). Was I guilty? YES. I was young and dumb once .
now I'm no longer young.
Nuf sed on this one.

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