Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Wall Street Journal cartoon

This cartoon was published about a year ago, someone just sent it to me . . They almost never use color . . but I think they were experimenting with the idea., and they requested color on this one. This particular gag I think was a good reason to try it on as with the heraldic crests on the shields and all . .

Another New Yorker reject that should NOT have been rejected . . Ask anyone who knows anything about New Yorker cartoons ( Except the New Yorker Editors, of course . . I KNOW Bob Mankoff has to go home some days thinking, while stuck in traffic or something - - Man, WHEN am I going to buy this poor bastard's work ? WHEN, WHEN, WHEN ?! I don't even know myself, why I don't buy Delgado's stuff - - Maybe I'll ask my shrink - - After all - - It's REALLY not MY problem, is it ? It's DELGADO's problem, not mine . . . GOD I LOVE MY JOB !
I can't wait to get some sleep at home and come back early tomorrow to stuff rejection slips in Delgado's envelopes . . . I never dreamed this job could be so much fun . . I TOLD him on the phone don't send so much, but the son-of-a-bitch IS sending MORE and MORE and it never ends ! I gotta stop talking to myself . . .

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