Monday, February 2, 2009

Satire NYer's Eustice Tilley 2009

This is a make-believe cover ( i.e. dream ) of the 2009 winner of the annual New Yorker Eustice Tilley cover contest. Of course The New Yorker Magazine has nothing to do with this post . . in other words, relax, take a deep breath - - it's all just for satire's sake - - Nobody is trying to fool anybody - - There is no money or personal gain involved, there is no harm or injury in any way intended - - actually it's free advertising for the greatest magazine there ever was !


Anonymous said...

Greatest magazine that ever was????

Oh, come on. You're not serious.

Is Mankoff reading this blog?

I think the greatest magazine that ever was would be a statement more inline with a magazine(s) that is/are buying your material. All this love for a magazine that shows you no respect for so many years seems, in my humble opinion, to be undeserved.

Just a thought. Like the Beatles said, "Love the one you're with".

Anonymous said...

The slogan, " The greatest magazine there ever was" I believe, was from a comment made by its founder, Harold Ross back in the late '20's . . when during an interview, Ross was asked what kind of a magazine he was trying to publish . . his answer was " The greatest magazine there ever was! " . . This slogan has been used over the years . . At one time, I'm sure it was . . I think when I used the phrase, I was trying to cheerlead the NYer in an effort to soften my reputation with them . . Ever since Pat Byrnes told the world " Roy Delgado will never sell The NYer because he's not smart enough ". This was his sophomoric opinion of my cartoons I had done for THE GAG RECAP TRADE JOURNAL . . These covers were poking fun at the NEW YORKER'S CARTOONS AND CARTOON EDITOR, THE MANKOFFER . . There are people in this world wo like to think they're authorities on everything . . and sometimes a little success goes to their head, They ACTUALLY believe they're great! SAD.

I don't think Mr. Mankoff looks at this blog. And if he did, I know Mr. Mankoff, he would not admit it. And there is nothing wrong with that.

As for continuing to submit my cartoons to them, I'm having the time of my life ! It's exhillarating! It's THEIR loss, not mine.