Sunday, February 8, 2009

The National Law Journal cartoon

Here's a drawing that appears on page 23 in the latest January 19, 2009 issue of The National Law Journal. I like to use names of old friends or acquaintences from the past in many of my cartoons.

In this case, Kinerk, is Burt Kinerk , Tucson attorney, and one of my classmates of Tucson High class of '53 - - saw him on TV a while back, I think he owned a horse in The Kentucky Derby, and he was being interviewed.

Flood, is Pat Flood, also a Tucson high school classmate - - who HAPPENED to be our student body president, same high-school year - - went on to graduate from Annapolis as a navy officer, played quarterback for Navy, later an attorney with his younger brother, Mike Flood in Phoenix - - All throughout the years he was also an NFL referee and umpire - - stints at a Superbowl and many games on television - - just recently retired from his NFL job.

And Hirsch, is Bob Hirsch, also a high-school classmate, prominent criminal defense attorney, in fact, I saw him years ago on 60 minutes when they were covering a high-profile criminal case in Tucson. I used to run into Bob on the basketball courts in Tucson when I was active on various city basketball leagues. I remember Bob was a lefty and great around the post.

It's a small world - - It seems all my friends became attorneys.

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