Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Poor Roland Burris

Poor guy, After a long 10-hour day on the drawing board, I thought I'd check the news on the tube and I saw Old Roland Burris in the cold windy, nasty, rain on the steps of the Senate Office Building explaining his dilemma to the newshounds .

I took a nap and had a bad dream that poor Roland caught a bad cold that turned into pneumonia, two days later he ends up in Bethesda Hospital, damn near died . . He sues Harry Reid . . Harry Reid says it was all BLOGGY's ( BLA-GOY-A-VICH, I can SAY it, but I can't spell it ) fault, who in turn he said he could PROVE it was somehow George Bush's fault ! Al Sharpton, someway shows up in an interview, then . .

My wife said I'm working too hard.


Anonymous said...

Again, have you seen the NYer toons for this week? They're really not funny. Tell me you think ANY of these are funny.
They really are not.

Roy Delgado said...

Dan, I've been a subscriber to The NYer for about 20 years and I've been diligently studying the cartoons for about 55 years ( When I mailed my first batch in 1952 )

As for your comments . . Almost everyone that I have spoken to ( real pros, many household names, many former NYer regulars ), ALL feel the way YOU and I do. It's baffling, strange, and almost repugnant why they continue down the path they do . . When asked at interviews or when they comment on this common complaint we're talking about, to explain WHY they buy some of the cartoons we're talking about, they seem to be unable to explain it without words like gossamer or zen-like abstract ambiguous rhetoric oratory which comes across as B-L-A-H ( perceived as snobbery or pretentiousness, I'm afraid, by most ) But what the hell do I know . . It's only my humble opinion . . could I be wrong ? I doubt it . . But I COULD BE !

All you can do is all you can do.It IS WHAT IT IS and IT AIN'T WHAT IT AIN'T.

Right about now I need a double Jack Daniels and a Gran Marnier snifter chased with a Guiness Stout . . This is the way I always have to end a conversation on this subject . . ( Dan, I gotta tell you, I LOVE your cow cartoons, I love your pigs and other barnyard animals, keep up the great work ! )

But things DO change. Unfortunately, some of us won't be there when it DOES change.

Anonymous said...

I appreciate that, Roy, but you won't be seeing many more of those. I was doing them at the request of RD. There was some talk of giving them their own spot in the mag., but that never happened so, due to the fact I like to do cartoons on whatever comes into my head as opposed to directing my work towards a specific end, unless, of course, I'm being compensated for it.
My philosophy, where cartooning is concerned, is to always do what I like to do. This keeps cartooning fun for me. I don't EVER want cartooning to be a job in the sense that I get to feeling at I'm "working for the man".
I "worked for the man" in government jobs for 26 years and all through answering to someone else.