Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tough going

" The people I really feel sorry for are Arab-Americans who sincerely want to get into CROP



Dan Reynolds said...

Go to this page

that holds this issue of cartoons from the NYer.
NONE of these cartoons are funny. The only one I think is worth anything is the Bliss cartoon for at least being somewhat creative.
I understand the cartoons perfectly - they're just not funny. If they're not supposed to be funny, then they should at least be creative in their comment about something. They're not.
I think this is the basis of your frustration with the NYer. You see the majority of their stuff is BLAH (though it likes to fancy it's BLAHness as high brow sophistication) and you think I KNOW my stuff is as least as good of better than what they're printing.
It's true. That's the whole point...it has nothing to do with the quality of your work. There's some other factor - who knows what, it could be anything. It could be that your first name has three letters and so does Bob's.
Figuring out the NYer is a mystery. I think when Mankoff steps down you'll have a better chance.

Roy Dolgado said...

Dan, I think everyone agrees with you, at least all the cartoonists I know, including myself . . Their magazine cartoon department, I think, is going through a metamorphosis . . has been so, for quite a while . . could be up for debate exactly HOW long . . " ALL YOU CAN DO IS ALL YOU CAN DO " and " IT IS WHAT IT IS " and " IT AIN'T WHAT IT AIN'T " are tools that I use which enable me to examine the situation as it is and help keep me from going mad.

As Socrates said: " KNOW YOUR DOMAIN OF IGNORANCE. " helps . . and KAHLIL GIBRAN, The wise poet and prophet said " DO NOT BE A SOLVER OF RIDDLES. "
I think they had in mind situations like The Cartoons of The New Yorker of this era and other similar enigmas, don't you ?