Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Playboy rough - Cartoon of the day

Here's a rough just off the drawing board that will go to Playboy . . so you get a peek . . I usually put in SOME color to give the idea a little needed kick, since The Hef already knows from other stuff you've done for him, he knows you can handle color . . He would then ask for a finish, where I would complete the color rendering and mail the finish on heavy matte photo paper or on a disk to New York, then they coordinate with the west-coast offices.

I usually use a rough pencil first, then it goes on the light table, make corrections and improvements and then usually goes on the light table again, . . the finished rough is executed usually with a Micron pen.
Then it's scanned, cleaned up, throw in a little color with my PaintShopPro9 program and print it, usually reduced to about 88% of the original.

I'm assuming this will be a reject, or I wouldn't be showing it here . . . It sounds stupid, I know . . but I've never said I was a smart guy . . if he buys this one, I'll never do it again . . . LIVE DANGEROUSLY , ( Sounds more like ' Not too Smart ' , instead of ' Dangerously '. . . . Maybe Pat Byrnes was right when he said I wasn't too smart . . . )


Don Cresci said...

Roy, That is one great gag and artwork

Roy Delgado said...

Cresc, Thanks, but I dreampt ( or is it 'dreamed' ? ) that CRESC ( YOU ) are really MANKOFF . . Is this true ?

Don Cresci said...

Would he say Merry Christmas to you and yours? MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Roy Delgado said...

I play it safe and say " MELE KALIKIMAKA " ( Like Bing Crosby used to say, or something like that )