Saturday, December 20, 2008

New Yorker Cartoon Satire ( Should be, but probably won't )

This is the first in a series of cartoons, that if I was in Mr. Mankoff's shoes would pick to be thrown into the pile which would begin the process to be eventually chosen as a 'yes' by the other two judges, Mr. Jacob Lewis and Mr. David Remnick of The New Yorker Magazine.
It is timely, in good taste, smart, and a perfect fit into the next issue. A perfect fit, indeed.
The late Jerry Marcus told me when Lee Lorenz bought the famous cartoon by Jerry depicting the famous Russian Tea Room Restaurant Exterior with a sign in the window reading " Under New Management " . . . The cartoon was so timely because The Soviet Union had just collapsed two weeks prior after 75 years of Communism . . The cartoon was purchased on a Friday and the cartoon appeared in publication a week later . . . I think they leave a spot or two figured for the possibility of a very timely cartoon that is purchased at the last minute and then they make a last minute switch . . . much easier to do since we came into the digital electronic age.
Lee asked Jerry if he would come into the city and rework the drawing so the venue would be more authentic, ( The New Yorker being famous for inspecting each drawing for authenticity when important ) Lee had sent someone out and took a few polaroid shots to work from. Jerry took the train in to The New Yorker offices where Lee had a drawing board set up ready for Jerry to work on. There was an extra $75.00 extra for Jerry also.

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