Monday, November 17, 2008

New Easyriders Cartoon

This cartoon appears on page 16 as a full-pager. It's nice they started doing this a while back, since there are so few men's-type magazines that use cartoons now. Back in the old days . . the 50's and the 60's you had TRUE, ARGOSY, FOR MEN ONLY, STAG, SAGA and a slew of others . . these were called the middle-markets . . in fact I sold two to FOR MEN ONLY while attending Billy Hon's Cartoon School in 1954.
THE CHORDS number one song on the Rock and Roll charts then was " SH-BOOM ", I think. This was before pot, before Elvis, before everything . . we were innocent . . knew nothing . . some of us STILL know nothing ! ( Thank God for Plato and Socrates ! )

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