Sunday, August 24, 2008

Matt Groening in Boca Raton

While still at The NCS convention in Boca Raton in 2001 . . .

In one of the Seminar rooms Matt Groening was giving a talk on his Simpsons animated blockbuster show. Matt turned out to be a friendly informative guy who told a lot of interesting stories about the goings-on of the feature.

I told Matt that one of the most interesting character voices and my personal favorite was that Pakistani guy who works at the convenience store . . . I asked him if he was a real genuine Pakistani ( Since I'd had 4 of them working for me at one time, I thought I could tell ) But he said it was an Indian accent and the guy who does it is a young kid just out of High School. He does a fantastic job.

After his talk I passed my trusty sketch pad I always carry with me for situations just like this and begged for a " Bart Simpson " drawing. He said sure, and here it is.

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