Sunday, July 6, 2008

Roy Delgado Cartoon - National Review

This drawing came out in the Septemper 6, 1993 issue of The National Review Magazine.
Right after it appeared, I received a phone call from the Pentagon and it came from the Aide to the then Army General of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. It seems that the Army General was getting ready to retire and the office had planned to throw him a farewell party . . . Someone had seen the cartoon and they wanted to know if they could buy the original so they could give it to the General, framed, as a gift, because I was told, it was a spittin' image of him!
The only difference, I had to change the Marine uniform to an Army officer's uniform! That was no problem.


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Hey, Snake . . What's nice ? . . The drawing, the Marine General, the gal, the gag or the little story behind the cartoon ?

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