Saturday, June 7, 2008

New Yorker Cartoonist Patricia Roberts

This drawing on my trusty sketch pad I always carry around came in handy on June 20, 2002 while attending Bunny Hoest's annual summer bash. Patricia kindly drew on my pad . . and I remember the lovely lady speaking fluent Spanish ! Bunny's beautiful home with a back yard flowing down to her own beach with a private bathhouse was a great setting for her great party.
A party with nothing but famous cartoonists in attendance was memorable and I got to meet
a lot of greats . . to name just a few: I met Mike Lynch for the first time, I remember Al Scaduto, who just recently passed away, Erv Kaczmarek, a great writer and painter was there, Mort Gerberg dropped by, and many, many other greats!

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