Friday, June 6, 2008

Old & New Roy Delgado Logo

This is a variation of the new logo . . also below is the old flat version and a brass variation of the new one is also shown with a little history of how it began.
This is the OLD FLAT RD Logo and below this one is is the New 3-D Version.
I had just designed it in the 80's and was beginning to use it. This design trend was largely based and influenced on the popularity of the work of M.C.ESCHER. Many of the logos you see today were influenced by ESCHER.

Today, I christen my new Roy Delgado Logo. It's a variation of my old RD logo. The idea

was suggested to me from way back in the 80's . . when award-winning graphic & industrial designer Lance Wyman of New York told me he liked my flat version of my logo . . but then said: "Why don't you try tweaking it and making it so you see the thickness of the symbol ? "

It layed dormant all these years, and then, this morning it jelled . . Thank you, Lance.

I was driving Lance to the train station in Washington, D.C. having just come to see the progress on the two 12 ft. street clocks ( which he designed ) and other signage in the works.

My company had received the contract for all the signage of the 3-office bldg. complex and we were in the middle of fabricating the neon and brass signage for the Lafayette Centre complex in mid-town.

The two street clocks and all the beautiful custom architectural signage are still there on 20th and 21st streets, between L and M streets, N.W.

Lance's Design Firm was awarded the contract for designing all of the graphics for the Mexico Olympics ( including the logo for the olympics ) back in the 60's, and spent several months in Mexico after the olympics. It was a joy to work with him on the project.
Another one of Lance's projects here in the nation's capital was the Smithsonion Zoo, where he designed a new beautiful logo and giant entrance sign constructed of aggregate cement and other materials.

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