Friday, May 2, 2008

" It's easy to draw like you can't draw if you can't draw . . it comes naturally. "

After studying and studying the content of cartoons in The New Yorker I came to the conclusion, as I'm sure others did . . I know too much ! As someone once said about democracy ( I think he was the ambassador from Turkey, " It's like putting toothpaste back in the tube again . . once it's out, you can't get it back in again! ) Richter tried it at the end and couldn't do it, The great Bob Weber has tried it and is a little more successful, but it looks contrived, over-acting . . He knows too much ! He has difficulty when he attemps it, but he's so great he can keep doing it for awhile.

Hell, it's easy to draw like you can't draw if you can't draw . . it comes naturally.

The gags are no problem . . on this particular drawing I tried something different ( to compete with some of the sorry pseudo-cartoonists who now appear . . . . I did this drawing ( after a pencilling in, ) 20% with my left eye closed, 20% with my right eye closed, 10% with both eyes closed, 30% with my left hand and the rest of it with my eyes blinking !

That's how desperate you get . . amazingly I'm getting close . . unbelieveable . . I kinda like it, but maybe I could even come closer to what The Mankoffer likes if I had 3 double-shots of Johnnie Walker Blue 15 minutes BEFORE I start drawing.

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Ron said...

Sorry, Roy, you're still too good an artist for The New Yorker. Leo Cullum and Tom Cheney are also good but have little unique bits in their cartoons that are different enough for that mag.
Changing your name to something more middle eastern might help if you can downgrade your artistic ability enough.