Tuesday, April 29, 2008


" He that rides his hobby gently must
always give way to him that rides
his hobby hard. "


It's passages like this that are great motivators to me.
I hope these bits of wisdom I post are of some help to other
cartoonists and writers visiting this blog. I use them as reminders
to keep me focused on where I'm supposed to be goin'.

I found that without constant repetitious positive affirmations
beat in to me on a regular basis my mind wanders like a small
piece of wood in the ocean . . drifting aimlessly, not knowing
where it's going to end up . . me, I'd rather have some rudders
on my ship with a good map or GPS and a good steering wheel . .
this way I'M steering the ship knowing exactly where I'm going,
and a plan of where I'll be at a certain point in my life . .

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