Monday, April 21, 2008

Slapstick Film Festival - 2008

Just returned from Manchester, NH last night after a 3-day visit to this year's " MIRTHQUAKE" . . New England's largest vintage film festival ( Apr 17 - Apr 20 )

This is my 3rd year in a row attending with my friend, Bob Weber Sr. ( Moose & Molly and Slylock Fox comics with King Features ).

On Friday, we had a pleasant lunch with Mike Lynch and Stephanie Piro ( One of the Six Chix, distr. by King Features. ) at Shaskeen's, a neat, old Irish bar and grill in the center of town . Mike and Stephanie live an hour away so it was neat seeing them, first time I'd met Stephanie . . I like her cats . . and we traded books.. . and everybody knows Mike with has fantastic and popular interesting blog.

This year's films were great as usual: Harold Lloyd, Larry Semon, Charlie Chase, Buster Keaton and a silent film with Mickey Rooney at age 8 ! ( Is he THAT old ? )

My sides are still hurting from laughing.

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Mike Lynch said...

Roy, I had a great time talking cartoon talk all afternoon with you and the one and only Bob Weber. Thanks!!!

Some photos on my blog: