Saturday, April 12, 2008

Cartoon of the Day

I always loved the way many of the 'girlie' cartoonists ( can I say that ? ) of the 50's and 60's plied their craft . . Bill Wenzel, Stanley Rayon, Bill Ward to name just a few . . I think they were the standards to be measured up against . . I'm sure they influenced anybody and everybody who even thought about drawing a pretty girl . . I know I think of them when I try to draw pretty women !
Phil Interlandi was another and of course, in my opinion, Jack Cole . . the greatest of them all.
I'd met Phil Interlandi in Los Angeles in 1954 when he was appearing in Playboy with Jack Cole at the time.

Thanks, Stephen Worth . . This is all I know on the guys you mentioned: Jack O'Brien was a retired Air Force Artist/Cartoonist worked in NY with the Armed Forces Press Service in the 50's . . did a lot, alot of girlie gags ( and trade journals ) in th 50's, 60's . .
Milo Kinn was a signpainter ( like myself ) . . he had a sign shop in Washington state, trade journal cartoonist . . Joe E. Buresch was a very successful trade journal cartoonist in the 50's and 60's . . as was Lowell Hoppes who also appeared in larger , more major magazines . . many thanks for your input, Stephen . . nice website you have, I'v bookmarked it.


Bear said...

That's a nice one, Roy.

Mike Lynch said...

What Bear said.

My late colleague and friend Bill Seay was there in Chicago at the very beginning of PLAYBOY and he worked on the mag in its early years. He knew all those guys, including Cole. There's an interview with Bill, who was the Chairman of the National Cartoonists Society's Berndt Toast Gang, in an all Jack Cole issue of Alter Ego Magazine -- well worth getting, and it's just over $ plus shipping.

A link to that issue is here:

Stephen Worth said...


A family just brought a batch of original inks from "Booby Traps and Nuggets" to the ASIFA-Hollywood Animation Archive for digitization. I'm guessing from the content that they are from around 1947 or so. Do you know anything about the careers of these artists:

Jack O'Brien, Stanley Rayon, G. Berg, Milo Kinn, Al Ellis, Neal Janzen (aka Jay), Ray E. Dabbs, Joe E. Buresch, Harrel Gray, Lowell Hoppes, Lou Lilly, Woody Kimbrell, Bill Wentzel (aka Candace)

I'll be posting the first batch of cartoons later this week on the Archive's website...

Stephen Worth