Saturday, March 29, 2008

Cortlandt Forum Cartoon - 2002

This was a full page in the medical magazine, around 2002. Back in the good old days BEFORE " LE'MANKOFFER'S WAL-MART CARTOON BANQUE SOIVICE " emerged and gobbled up the remaining good cartoon markets across the land by drastically dropping prices and making it easier for editors to buy their cartoons online . . one of the first type people to offer the service . . It was GREAT for the magazine editor and great for The Mankoffer and great for the cartoonists with thousands of New Yorker rejects sitting on a shelf and getting rid of them through the "BANQUE " and bringing them a nice regular monthly check. It's called PROGRESS. INNOVATION. MARKETING. USING YOUR HEAD, FINDING A NEED AND FILLING IT. FREE ENTERPRISE. CAPITALISM. WALMARTISM. A BOX STORE FOR CARTOON SHOPPERS. Hey, get over it. It's here.

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