Thursday, January 31, 2008

Good Housekeeping Illustration - 2005

The above illustration appeared in the October issue, page 158.

This was a neat little assignment I was awarded in 2005. They simply said they liked my style the way I drew furniture, etc., asked if I wanted to do an illustration for a short story in an upcoming issue and that it would pay a little more than a cartoon. ( $300.00 ) I said yes, and they sent me the story, I read it and then I proceeded to draw up a rough pencil for them to edit and critique. After a few minor changes, I drew the final, colored it with my CorelPaintShopPro 9 and Emailed a finished jpeg file to them. And that was that.

I had another similar experience with this magazine back in 1994, the difference was it was a longer story, would pay more, and that I would be competing with another cartoonist to get the final okay , the decision would be made after the first roughs would be submitted.

Only one problem . . I would be competing against The New Yorker Cartoonist - ROBERT WEBER. I don't have to tell you who got the job, It wasn't me. Anyway, I got a kill fee for my effort. It was a good experience. The drawings depicted almost the same information and contents, but , man I loved his drawing !

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