Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Delgado Street Clock - Washington, D.C.

Back in th 1980's my company, Delgado Signs fabricated and installed two beautiful street clocks. They were installed on the grounds of the new prestigous office complex called Lafayette Centre ( comprised of three high-rise office buildings ). One clock is on the sidewalk on 20th Street, N.W. and the other one is situated on 21st street., between M and N streets, northwest. I think this job was the feather in our caps and separated our company from thr run-of-the-mill "sign-painting shops" throughout the area. It was this project that gave us the credibility and that eventually catapulted our company to easily acquire contracts from quality clientele like Starbucks, Arby's, and many fortune-500 companies.

The clock structures were fabricated from scratch and it was a tremendous satisfying experience to construct and erect these two one-of a kind masterpieces! The clock mechanisms were made especially for us and I chose National Time & Signal Corporation, because they were the oldest, biggest and most reputable company who had clock mechanisms all over the world. The project took 11 months to construct and install at a cost of $50,000.00 each. The clocks stand 12 1/2 feet tall. They stand as a landmark for the area. The clocks were designed by the well-known award-winning New York Design firm, Lance Wyman Associates.

Meanwhile, in the back of my mind, remember, I STILL want to be a cartoonist !

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