Thursday, January 17, 2008

Cartoon of the Week

If you're running late, and a street food vendor looks like he's running a fairly decent clean operation, and his food looks and smells good, and you're hungry and the price is right . . . man I'm a sucker for this crap . . . I don't know about you . . The best Italian Sausage sandwich I've ever had in my life was during the 80's right outside the old Boston Garden ( I wanted to see the famous Garden Parquet Floor before they tore the famous building down. . I flew up from Washington, D.C. to see the Celtics with Larry Bird and Samson ( L.A.? ) in an important NBA playoff game . . right outside about 30 ft. from the front gate, This guy right out of The Sopranos had a neat busy grill on wheels . . perfect location, right product, I had two of them.

That's the game you see in the NBA highlight reels where with four seconds left, Bird steals an inbound pass by the side of his own basket, throws it backwards to a running Guard Red Johnson cutting to the basket . . perfect pass, Johnson scores, ties the game and The Celtics win in overtime ! All I remember is the Italian Sausage Sandwich ( with fried green peppers & onions, the scalped $100.00 ticket I paid, and the Bird steal and subsequent pass to Johnson and the easy layup. . . two Johnny Walker Black shots on ice at the Logan airport and running into Pat O'Brien at the bar across Logan airport. I always remember only the important things.

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James Grasdal said...

Great drawing. Funny, funny gag.