Monday, November 19, 2007

Wisdom ( Write this down, right now )

" We will either FIND a way, or MAKE one ( Caps mine ) - HANNIBAL


Mike Lynch said...

This was a favorite quote of Admiral Robert E. Peary, who claimed he was first to the North Pole in 1909. Eight years later, when the NY Times reported that the claims may have been falsified, the joke went (at least in my little group of polar aficionados) that his saying was now, "Find a way, or fake one."

Roy Delgado said...

Good point, Mike . . I love little known facts. Here's a little known fact . . When The Lone Ranger was about to begin his career and the word got around, of course several people wanted to be his side-kick . . anyway The Lone Ranger narrowed his side-kick selection to two guys: one was an indian friend and the other was a black guy he knew . . The story goes that The Lone Ranger flipped a coin in the air and said: " Okay, it's agreed . . Heads, Tonto becomes my faithful companion . . Tails, Leroy gets the job ! "

This will probably get a comment from Al Sharpton of The National Action Network, but I like Al . . I'm ready.