Friday, November 30, 2007

Recent Wall Street Journal Cartoon

Here's a recent drawing in the November 21, 2007 Wall Street Journal. When I drew this a few weeks ago, I was POSITIVE the New Yorker would buy it . . . I KNOW they liked it and I KNOW the magazine got cheated by not publishing it . . It's timely, It BELONGS in the magazine . . ask anyone who knows anything about New Yorker cartoons . . ask ANY New Yorker cartoonist . . the overwhelming majority would agree . . It's sometimes HARD to be humble . . I'm TIRED of being right . .

The funny thing, I immediately sent it to The Wall Street Journal and THEY GRABBED IT ! I picked up another $100.00 when I BET a cartoonist friend of mine that The Journal would buy it . . He bet and he lost . . Like I said, I'm TIRED OF BEING RIGHT. It was fun for a while, it's no fun any more.

This cartoon is available as an 8 1/2 x 11 inch cartoon print ( with a wet signature ) matted and framed under glass, black frame. for $82.00. ( inclues S&H )

This makes over 19,500 cartoons REJECTED by The New Yorker in my lifetime. If they ever DID buy one, I'd probably have a heart-attack ! I can't win either way !

How about some comments ? Keep them cogent and civil. Let's have a New Yorker Cartoon DIALOGUE !

I have another idea . . LET'S PUT ON A SHOW ! !



Roy, You are right. they are wrong.
You arethebest in the business. Why
don't you send you cartoons directly to Dave registered mail.
He may look then. Best, Don

Roy Delgado said...

Thanks for the kind words, Don . . I even got a suggestion ( from a New Yorker artist ) to send the cartoons and tell them that I'm a 29 year-old gay cartoonist from South Africa, a left-handed Albino ( with red hair, and part in the middle ) The reason being that, according to a recent Bob Mankoff interview by Diffee in the Huffington Post Blog. . . that Mankoff is looking for more diversity . . If I do it, I've already got the perfect name: PETER PLUM ! Look for America's next great cartoonist, Peter Plum !

Peter Plum is real, Peter Plum is coming!