Friday, November 9, 2007

GIRLS! - - Make Money Drawing !

This display ad from a vintage magazine . . MODERN SCREEN, April,1941 ( Found in an old book store in L.A. in September . . It seems strange they would target females to learn to draw and then try to get into a field where nobody would hire them BECAUSE they were female ! Back then, if you remember, you could count the female cartoonists on half-a-hand . . Everyone's heard the story about Brenda Starr's creator, Dale Messick who, when selling the comic to The Chicago tribune Syndicate in 1940, and appearing in person,found the Comics Editor surprised when he expected a MAN . . after all, DALE is a MAN'S name isn't it ? ( Actually it's both )Times change . . The strip was succeeded only by women . . Ramona Fradon, Linda Sutter, and June Brigman . . The strip's recent writer is Mary Schmich who is herself a Chicago reporter and columnist at the Tribune.
Maybe this ad and Dale Messick, through fate and karma are related ?!

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