Thursday, November 1, 2007

Cartoon of the Day

This is like an inside joke for cartoonists. Appeared in a Gag ReCap publication on the cover,
March, 2005 . . Sometimes it's good for me to get away from the daily grind of hacking away drawing cartoons for commercial purposes and draw an idea just for the fun of it ( for no pay ). .
sometimes people tell me; " You're wasting too much time doin' all this stuff you're doin' ( Drawing all these cartoons for nothing )! "
But actually, I work fast and am very productive. For me it's the way I take a break. I guess you could get carried away though . .

Talking about being productive . . while in California in September ( with Bob Weber Sr. ) and visiting with Mrs. Rowland B. Wilson, she shared an interesting factoid about the late great Rowland's working habits . . she said he was at the drawing board by 9:00am and stopped at 4:00pm . . he worked fast and was very productive, she said ( needless to say! ).

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