Thursday, October 25, 2007

Walt Wetterberg Original

This is an original I ran across while looking for something to post from some artwork I had gleaned from famous cartoonists over the years . . This one is from a regular running feature ( Ada the Ayrshire ) panel Walt was doing for a country magazine, the title which escapes me right now. ( Country Gentleman ?)
It was 1954 and I wrote to Walt who was a pretty well regular at the Saturday Evening Post at the time . . I begged him for an original, he sent me this beautiful piece executed on 2ply Strathmore and it looks like he used a Gillott 290 penpoint, which we were experimenting with at Billy Hon's Cartoon School at the time . . It was a very flexible pen point and Walt took it to it's limit.
You can see the faded watercolor blue he indicated for the Ben-Day process to be applied.

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