Friday, October 19, 2007

Penthouse Cartoon

This one came out in 2005 . . about this time, they were trying to go more New Yorkerish in their choice of cartoons.


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Nick Matyas said...

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Roy Delgado said...

To Nick and Bathmate:

A little more on the insight to this cartoon . . I think, actually, there were TWO reasons . . one of the reasons this cartoon was picked ( by the then Cartoon Editor , Joe Brooks ) is that Bob Guccione ( The founder and titular head of the Penthouse empire ) was estranged from one of his sons . . they had not spoken or communicated with each other for years, ever since the big flare-up resulting from 1. ) A cover for SPIN mag which his son created with the help of his Dad was published without the alleged approval of Bob, which was the alleged agreement, and 2. ) They ( Penthouse ) WERE trying to make some changes in their cartoon pics., even though it was late, And actually there might be a third reason . . The son had allegedly told Bob that the magazine was going down the wrong path way back when Bob decided to go raunchier . . he even said something like, if that's what they want, let's give it to them . . this was when the internet was just beginning to make inroads into " porn" and "soft porn" markets which really was starting to hurt the male " girlie " magazines, the few that were left . . This advice came after the son had graduated from a prestigious ivy league school where he had majored on journalism, communications, etc.,

I can see how Bob was a little miffed by the young squirt telling the master how to run his business . .

Bob Guccione, who early in his career had aspirations of becoming a cartoonist, I think, could take a joke, and the gag maybe is something that he could relate to . .
This is all conjecture on my part . .

Thanks for your copmments,

Nick Matyas said...

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