Thursday, October 4, 2007

Daumier Book

While in Los Angeles a couple weeks ago I found myself in an old large used bookstore which had quite a few books of cartoons . . as I rummaged through the hundreds of books I spotted this classic. Many have called him ( Daumier ) the first cartoonist but absolutely the first caricaturist. For a paltry 20 bucks, I added this gem to my collection.

The 122 page Hardback book ( 9 1/2 x 12 1/2 ) was published by Leon Amiel Publisher, Inc., New York, and does not have a date. The ISBN # 0-8148-0738-0 is listed.

Well known for the expression he displays in the hands of his characters . . . this book is definately a textbook in capturing moods and personalities of the various players in his scenes.

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Holly said...

Better yet... I just got a copy of this book at my local upstate small-town library on their Sale Shelf for less than 50 cents!!!

It is in excellent shape and I plan to give it to a lawyer friend. I am glad to have found out it is worth so much more~

Take Care-