Sunday, September 16, 2007

West Coast Trip - - Jim Whiting's studio and book

I recommend Jim Whiting's new book: "ANALECTA - Selected reflections of a cartoonist's life ". The book is filled with cartoons and just as important, an interesting story of what happened along the way with many many cartoonists he met and worked with along the way . . all ' household names'. It's an informative book you'll enjoy reading, a beautiful 8 1/4 x 10 3/4 softcover ( 190 pages ). Get a copy from Trafford Publishing 1.888.232.4444 now.

Bob Weber Sr. and I rented a car in Tucson, AZ on Sept. 7, 2007 and drove to San Diego and after a couple calls, we were graciously invited to Jim and Bernita's 'place' . . a truly lovely home and studio in Encinitas.

Photo L to R . . ( In Jim's studio ) Jim Whiting, ( President, Southern California Cartoonists' Society ), George Gladir, ( Creator of SABRINA, THE TEEN-AGE WITCH ), Suzanne Lemieux Wilson, ( wife of the late renowned cartoonist, Rowland Wilson ), Suzanne's own fantastic creative art was ALL OVER the the animated classic, ANASTASIA . Top row on right is Bob Weber Sr., who has Molly & Moose with King Features Syndicate and Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids also syndicated by King with over 415 Newspapers. Slylock Fox is a popular comic recently picked up by The Los Angeles Times. Bob Weber Jr. is the creator and both Bobs produce the feature.

Important trivia point: The drawing table with built-in light box you see behind Jim and George was originally the one that belonged to SAM COBEAN ! Sam was Jim's mentor and Mrs. Cobean generously passed it on to Jim after Sam's sudden and tragic death.

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Court M. Carson said...

Mr. Delgado

I have been a massive fan of Mrs. Suzanne Lemieux Wilson for months now! I have the book the Art of Anastasia and every day I look at her work inside that book. Her paintings that were in the movie are my most favorite pieces of art. This may seem strange, but is there anyway I can send an email to Ms. Wilson asking her about her art. I got into the art academy program at my school for wood working, but my new found passion is painting!

Thank You So Much

Courtland M. Carson