Friday, August 17, 2007

Recent Playboy Bligot Cartoon

Back in the 50's, this contraption that looks like a large
Escher-like tuning fork was called a BLIGOT and became
very popular . . I learned to draw it in high-school and it
stuck with me where I found myself drawing it at parties
and gatherings, etc. I recently saw the gadget by itself printed
on a roll of toilet paper along with a thousand other drawings,
jokes, bumper-sticker sayings, etc. . . the roll of toilet tissue
was given as a promotional freebie when you purchased a
boxed setof MAD Magazine CDs. . . Anyway, the gag came to
me . . I immediately drew it up, played with the gradient tone
on my computer program ( Corel Paint Shop Pro XI )
to get the BLIGOT to look like stainless steel for effect . . .
I felt extra good about the result . . This, my 19,326th
attempt to sell The New Yorker . . was going to be
the one that did it ! In a frenzy I shot it off to " The
keeper of the gate " ( as my friend Aaron Bacall refers to him )
at 4 Times Square in New York . . but it soon became ( probably
after checking on their imaginary enemies list or checking
to see if I was over 30 ) another rejected statistic. I then
immediately sent it to PLAYBOY and they bought it.

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