Thursday, August 23, 2007

Peter Wyma Cartoon

Back in the 50's I'd written to Peter since he had also attended The Billy Hon School of Cartooning in Los Angeles and I was a great fan of his . . . I begged him for an original and he sent me this wonderful drawing on 3 ply bristol that appeared in The Saturday Evening Post . . . As anybody knows, Peter Wyma probably influenced more cartoonists than anyone at that time. My mouth watered when it arrived . . I was just a punk kid at the time ( now I'm just a punk ).

Steve Duquette, Al Johns, Grover Troop ( who ghosted for Jimmy Hatlo for a short time ) and Dick Smolinski were all Billy Hon alumni . All attended just before I did ( 53-54 ).

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Kathryn said...

Thanks for posting this. Peter Wyma was my mom's uncle. I'm an art teacher now, and this is the first cartoon of his that I've seen.