Saturday, August 11, 2007

Bob Weber Sr.

Bob Weber Sr. ( from Westport CT )is travelling to Tucson AZ for 6 weeks to work alongside his son, Bob Weber Jr. . . They both work on " Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids "together . . Bob Sr. shuttles to Tucson several times a year but lives in Westport, CT. He needs to get back in late September where he's scheduled as a cartoon instructor at schools and libraries around Connecticut. In between all this, he still produces his daily syndicated cartoon strip of 40 plus years: " Moose & Molly " for King Features.
On top of all this, he's midway in reading " The History of Civilization ", " War & Peace ", " Atlas Shrugged " and " The Biography of The Three Stooges ". ( Just Kidding ).

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