Thursday, August 16, 2007

Arthur Tcholokian Photo

I had the pleasure of meeting the well-known world-class photographer, Arthur Tcholokian in the 80's when I had my sign company ( Roy Delgado & Associates ) in Northern Virginia. Arthur, an Israeli of Armenian descent, had been living in New York and had recently moved to the Washington, D.C. area to open up his photography studio. I had designed and fabricated a custom 3x5 ft. flag for him and we traded services. The celebrity photographer had to his credit, several photography books, and had portrait sessions with Golda Meir, Bobby Short, Salvador Dali, Lena Horne, the celebrity list was endless . . (worth your while to google up his name ) We became pretty good friends and he was going to teach me about photography ! Unfortunately, about 9 months after we'd met he passed away with a heart problem. He was an artist and a truly charming talented world traveller with a thousand interesting stories . . I miss him.

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